Tuesday, May 20, 2008

day after birthday...

Well, its official I'm 47...spent most of the day thinking I was 46, till my wonderful ds did the math for me.

A regular day, worked out with Kristin...she took it easy on me, since I was sick last week and very weak...only 30 pushups to start.

Then took care of errands and went to work. After work went shopping at the W and returned the dress from the wedding (the one mil had).

and KFC for dinner!!

a mellow birthday...got some great cards and a co-worker made me flan...YUMMMMMers.
dil gave me a 50%off coupon for Richards (the local craft store) and a cd of pics from the wedding!! Now, I can start scrappin'!

Today is her birthday. I got her 'salad hands', ha! was going to get her a nightgown, cuz she thinks its kinda odd for a mil to buy a nightgown...but did not do it.

No real news about Michelle, only that she was moved to Standford last night.
We are hoping the specialists will have a good prognosis. Here's to hoping.


Linda said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a good day! Hope DIL has a great birthday. And continued prayers for Michelle.