Sunday, May 11, 2008

OMG!! It's over!!...Weds, Thurs

I simply don't know where to start!
was this the craziest, most horrible, most wonderful, most amazing, most everything past 5 days ever...??

We are surrounded by amazing, wonderful friends and family.

Name a wedding catagory, name a day, name an event..and I can tell you what went wrong, and what was beautiful.

We arrived in the wilds of Southern Ca last Weds afternoon, it was too early to check in to the cottage, so we stopped by dd's to drop off a couple of wedding gifts and then did some shopping... after getting lost from the Mapquest map, (the street was blocked off for construction) we finally get turned around and, following detour signs find the cottage. We are one block from the beach..and the decor/paint is fantastic. At first I use the lock box to get the key out and NO I try the door and the cleaning crew is still here. The house simply other word for it. So, horrible, Mapquest map no good and driving around Oceanside; beautiful, the cottage. (but I was able to warn all friends coming down here of the detour)

Went to dinner at Hana with the kids, a favorite restaurant while traveling down here.(feeling good..I'm just being lulled into thinking this could be a good trip, here)

Thursday, go to Riverside to meet with Jeanette (the swap diva on the boards)
using my good ole mapquest directions, some how I manage to get on hiway 60.. but luckily she calls before I am too far off the track, she cannot meet me at our original destination of Collective Journeys in Redlands. She was having car trouble with a recall and no parts at the I get off the next exit, go in a convenience store for a pepsi/snack break, get blocked in by the garbage truck, (though the neighborhood looked a little run-down, we laughed at my bad luck and treated it as a snack break)

Got turned around and went to meet her at Aunty Amy's stamp store...very cool place. I went nuts. my LSS, Youngplays, closed last I've been buying online, overbought, and loved it. (now she went to the old mission to meet me, but figured we miscommunicated the 'where' and found me at Aunty Amy's) you know, meeting someone you know online is a little iffy, but in person Jeanette is just as sweet and friendly as you can imagine.

She then took my mom and me on a tour of the old mission that has been turned into a hotel. Talk about breathtaking...just loved everything about it. Took LOTS of pics. The one above is one of the stained glass windows.
It was a very good break from what is going to turn out to be a crazy time.

But dd was waiting for us to make a Costco run. So, we head home, again the wrong hiway...but it worked out. We go to Costco, me, dd, mom, her new mil and Jamie, the wife of one of the groomsmen...even with 2 carts, ever try Costco with 5 women?
yeah, a li'l nuts...but so good to meet Jeanne, dd's new mil.
We order 3 sheet cakes, and 4 platters of croissant sandwiches for me to pick up Sat at noon...and buy a ton of stuff. Take it to dd's home....

get a phone call from the maid of honor, Jenn, (we'll call this travel situation 1)the hotel on base overbooked for the weekend, so Jenn and her dad would not be able to get a room till Friday afternoon instead of Thurs night.
Now they were supposed to meet dd and a friend, Margot, at the flower mart Friday morning at instead of driving down Thursday, to check in and sleep...they drove after midnight, met the girls at the flower mart, then came here all day Friday. not a crisis but manageable, right?

But had a wonderful dinner at the kids' house, Chris cooked, salmon, bbq steaks, mac and cheese, caesar salad...and he even served us at the table, as 4 of us were either stamping cards and envelopes or rolling napkins and tying them with ribbon.
There were 10 of us for dinner. As 4 were the first of the Oklahoma guests, who are staying with the kids till next Thursday. Luis, who will be the 'sound guy' on Sunday...set up his Xbox game, Rockband. So we watched the kids play for a while, then head home.

A productive but busy day.

Get home SUPER tired but under the impression that things are manageable, oh what a fool I was.....

to be continued...

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