Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday Graduation...Magna Cum Laud!!!

Okay, Saturday @3pm, we head for the Amphitheater in Costa Mesa that dd's commencement is going to be held...it starts at 5,so we arrive @4...and it is a good thing. That lot is swarming!! Looks like a grand opening to a major event.

So I call the other vehicles following us, how close are you? Not close, will you hold seats? We needed a total of 15 seats. Now, I HATE seat holders, but guess what I did...uh huh. Dh's brother Gordon took the lead and got us great seats in the shade...3/4 of the amphitheater is going to sit with the sun in their faces.
But slowly but surely our group arrives, I save just enough seats...but 2.
waaaahhhh, but Michele and Sandy arrive real late, and we all meet later.

Dh gets a call from dd and runs off to 'take care of something', he returns to tell me that her key got stuck in the ignition and she could not get it out. They ended up taking it off the fob, and locking it that way (car incident #___?, I'm losing track here)

The commencement was really good, the speaker was awesome, a little over 500 graduates...so much fun to yell for the kids we know. 3 of the gals are in the bridal party, Sara B, Jenny F, and Jenn N. (are you seeing a pattern here?
dd's bridesmaids are..Sara M, Sara B, Sara S., Jenn, Jenny, Jenn N. and Caroline!!)
As mentioned in the title, she graduated Magna Cum Laud!! that's my baby!!

After the ceremony, we have dd's purse, I needed to do something with my own, not knowing what to do with dd's..I give it to Chris. We all laugh and tell him, he needs the practice. Dang, if that boy did not keep it and carry it all the way thru the amphitheater and parking lot to dd.

sidenote: my friend Michele and Sandy were in the parking lot, looking for us when she sees this tall, cute guy walk thru with a brown purse on his arm. She has never met Chris, but he does seem familiar from the invitation picture. She told Sandy, "I think that may be Chris"..and her first thought was, "Any guy who will carry her purse is A. O.K with me"...and of course, it was Chris.

It is after 7:30 and in order to have pizza delivered we need to order it before 8. So, we all get in our vehicles and head for the cottage.

I place the call on the road, and am told delivery would be 45min to an hour.


uhhhhm, no
don't hold your breath!!

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Sarah C. said...

Congrats to your DD on graduating Magna Cum Laud! :) What a wonderful accomplishment!