Monday, May 12, 2008

OMG!! Friday!! (day 3)

(note, it is 2 am...but I have been up with my head 'spinning' for the last hour, so I gave up, and came back to this)

So, Friday,
mom and I get up early and go to Walmart..wanna get things like the big plastic tubs to put drinks in...we are so early, we practically own the store.

get a call from dd, they are done at the flower mart, could grandma come back to the cottage, so they can get started on the flowers? So, I drop off mom and the stuff, and go back out. I need to get my hair highlights softened, they were orange, and a new dress. Oh, the night before, C did not like my dress, I got it at Dress Barn, thought it was mom of the bride, kinda longish with a jacket, but she felt it was too old looking. So, went looking for a sweater to wear over it..we'll call this dress incident #1.

As I'm sweater hunting, get a call from dd, 'when can you come back?", before going back, You GALS KNOW I had to visit Ever After!!
after Ever After, I saw there was a Boston Market, so I went in and got their Market dinner with Tuscan Rotissere Chicken...called dd...well, there is 6 people at the house, 7 for lunch, if you count me...not quite I hit CJ's for a couple of chicken taco salads, also.

Arrive and the gang is on the patio working on the flower wrist corsages and buttanieres. We have lunch, and no one 'pigged', so we did have soon as corsages and buttanieres were done...people leave, Jenn and her dad to check in and take a nap (they traveled since midnight and were exhausted) and dd took her mil and sis in law, Sara M, to the house, as C needed to pack a bag, cuz she was coming back later to help Jenn with the rest of the bouquets. She is also going to spend the night, as this was bachelor party night.

Dh arrives during the afternoon. He rode in with his parents and they brought him to the cottage. he is focused on getting the wireless internet to work...which he does. as my 2 am typing/venting is evidence of. I'm exhausted, so he takes the car to be filled..nice guy, but the house and grounds are completely smoke free zones, so he uses the opportunity to smoke a cigar, in my car...yeah.

As soon as they leave, well, dress incident #2 begins.
Sara M, is also a bridesmaid, but the dress size she needs is on backorder, so the next size up is ordered. Now, my mom is an experienced sew-er so dd and I 'volunteer' her to take it in a know stitch up the sides a little?
UMMM, no, this dress, zips on one side, has pleats all down the is gorgeous...the pic is not the actual dress..but close to the pleat idea.

Well, my mom is steaming, we did bring the sewing machine and blue thread, but needed scissors, seam ripper, reg sewing needles, (so made a quick Michael's run for all that)..she begins to rip the zipper seam, and I lay down for a nap.
By the time I wake up, she is upset...why wasn't this done before now?
(the dress was in So Cal, Sara M was in school in Kansas)..why can't her own mom or grandparents do this? (I don't know) So, mom puts it down for the night and finishes it Saturday...grumbling, sighing, complaining all the way.
Now, somehow, the little eye hook gets thrown away, by helpful little me,trying to clean up..oh, this is a Saturday story...

Sidenote, don't think dd was resting, when she went home, she and sil were working on the programs. I had pretyped a li'l something...but...emailed it to them, as I use Printmaster Gold and could not figure out how to save it to the disc...well, without going into detail...the kids could not fully access the cover pic and font were missing, so had to make their own. They could not get their cover photo to fit in the pre-bought programs spot, so just went ahead and used blank paper.
I told them I would use the pre-bought programs for future baby announcements.
(we won't call this one an incident, just a gee- of course with our luck event)

Sidenote: kid's house guest number up to 7, as 3 more arrive from out of state

Cierra arrives, we put together favors while the movie 27 Dresses is on..we're not watching...but it is on.

The favors are so cute! We got mint tins, and dh's shop made labels that say "Cierra and Chris mint for each other"...I'll have to scan one when I get home,
so we put a mixture of mints in each little can.

Jenn and her dad arrive, so we start to put together bridesmaid bouquets...but what is this? the deep blue hydrengeas for the brides bouquet, did not survive,
they are wilting and falling apart! Those things cost $30 per stem...
but okay, we'll call Margot, go back to the flower mart and get some more, now flower mart only sells to licensed florists, which Margot is But she cannnot go on Sat even if we buy a plant retail..we are going to get new ones!! (That's how determined we are to make this work)(ongoing flower incident) As we finish, we put all flowers in the cottage fridge, and it is FULL! (now remember Sat noon, I'm picking up all the cakes and sandwiches)

Oh, during the evening, it was looking like Jenn's mom and grandma, may not make it for the weekend...something was going on with the car. Now, 5 kids were riding with them...these are high school friends, and dd really wanted them to be incident #2)..
BUT by the end of the evening, a friend looked at the car and told her it was fine to drive, so they made plans to leave 6am Sat morning...yay!! another stress handled!!

I'm already joking to dd that we are going to write a book...but..we have not even gotten to Saturday/Sunday yet!!! and it only gets better!!!

Sidenote: I did not know this till Monday morning (God is good) when I listened to my voice mails, but...our home alarm went off at 1:40 a message from the alarm company, police were dispatched to our home. Now the pet sitter did not call Sunday to tell us the house was smashed into and animals were we are hoping that means it was a false alarm.

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