Wednesday, May 14, 2008

where is bridezilla?

So, as I am logging these events, I am amazed at the calm and determination and even sense of humor my dd is showing. I also am not exactly an even-tempered person, been called moody, before. Yet we are both not 'losing' it, at this point.

In fact my friend Michele, as she and Sandy left the cottage on Sunday, remarked to Sandy, that I am 'too calm'. (and all she saw was the pizza incident)

I think it was expected that I would be more emotional, as anyone who knows me, knows I am quite the 'smother mother'...I love my children deeply..and have always been very involved in their activities. (I think it will be harder for me when the new Mr. and Mrs. go to Fort Worth, Tx in December)

There were a couple of incidences along the way on Saturday.

When dd went to get her nails done, she told the manicurist she want French tips, but I guess there are a couple of the manicurist started doing the other type. When dd told her that is not what she wanted, the manicurist, said, well that will be an additional $10 to change it. At which point dd broke down and cried.
(manicurist changed her price to $5)

And there was my crying jag while driving to Costco...and then...

as we were entering the amphitheater for the commencement, something stupid happened, and I responded with a quiet..'yeah, yeah, f-bomb"

now where was I?

entering the amphitheater for the commencement of a private Christian University.
who was I surrounded by?
the family of young 20 somethings who felt it was worth paying @25k per year to send their children to a Christian University.

A gentleman did turn to face me and give me the 'dirtiest' look you can imagine,
I was embarrassed, it was inappropriate of me, and I just thought to myself 'you have no idea'

As I tell my tales to family and coworkers, I get the same response, "I would have lost it"..but I don't know, we were surrounded by terrific people and a quiet strength. Tues morning while going to work, dh had KLOVE (a Christian radio station) on...and the song posted on my blog came on...and we simply started worshipping in the car.

He got us through, and the biggest compliment we received that day was from the homeowners..when they said...they had never felt God's presence in their home before, the way they felt it that day. (and they are not Christians)

So, even though I have not started Sunday's events...and folks, it doesn't get any calmer...hold on to your does become more beautiful.


Sarah C. said...

Good gracious! This is the craziest series of events in just a few days. Holding onto my seat to see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I think you stayed remarkably calm... off to read some more