Saturday, July 19, 2008

a couple of pics...

let's see,
the top pic is me July Swap from KarenSay...Love Elsie' Claire papers and yankee candles...part of Shimelle's prompts last week was to imagine or 'dream day' so I think these papers would be great for those layouts.

the middle is my RAK from Bad Girls, dork that I am, I even saved the packaging from all the flowers, the lace and pattern paper!! hmmmm...

the bottom pic is my layout for travel from the Shimelle class. the pics are my new habit of taking pics of, I don't do all bathrooms, but those with interesting design features..I think it started when we built the house and I was designing ours.

I don't work today, so we are going to do something with my neices. My nephew is spending the weekend with my son and ddil..yesterday they went to the San Jose Tech Museum and today they are going to the San Fran zoo..something the girls were not interested in. Soooooo, we live in the central valley of CA...within driving distance (in different directions) is San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Carmel, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Napa wine country and Jamestown/Sonora gold country....what do the girls want to do?

Sooo, I am taking them to the Great Mall near San Jose. We are also hoping to also see Momma Mia... okay, what can I say.. they are 15 and 12 year old girls.

They have decided that small town life (the boondocks) is not for them. But that is what I expect from young people, as for us 'old foggies', we love the peace, the quiet, the solitude.

(wish I could stay home and scrap)
ya'll have a great weekend!!


Krissynae said...

Great papers. And RAK. Love the layout. I hope you have fun with your nieces.. Happy Saturady

Selina_C said...

I'm glad it's not just me who photographs bathrooms in places I visit! I put toiletries on my own Travel layout, too...

I really like the map in the centre of your Travel page, must use more maps.


debs14 said...

Quite an original theme of bathrooms going on here! Great to see what others are doing. I'm gradually building up a collection of papers and embellishments from all over, never sure of makes or designers, just pick what I like. Then I look at other's blogs and realise I need SO much more! I really like your originality.