Monday, July 28, 2008

a creative influence

from Shimelle: Tell your blog readers
about someone who has been a creative influence
in your life -- a crafty mum, aunt or grandparent,
an influential school teacher or a friend who
brought out your creative side, perhaps.

For me, it would have to be my friend Terry. Many, many years ago, she got into stamping (she is a long time stampin up demonstrator) I'll never forget, we were in Santa Cruz for a women's chuch weekend, and she wanted to hit a stamp store in Santa Cruz...I told her 'I'm not getting into this!!". famous last words.

Anyways, before her I thought 'art' was drawing and painting. Which I cannot do.
she 'opened' me up to other ways of expressing art.

from 2 peas:
Have you created a layout to show one of your greatest joys in your childhood? If so would you share with us

I haven't done any childhood layouts...but this is a good idea.
so thinking about it, I think a childhood joy is the computer paper my dad used to bring home. (he was an IBM programmer) know the big paper with grean/white stripes and the pinholes on the side?. Anyways, we had a lot of fun with those papers, we'd make paperdolls, menus for our garage 'restarant', anything for our imaginative play growing up.

Today is the last day of the visit. Last night, ds and ddil came by for dinner. Got into a 'serious' talk with the girls, about peer pressure, drinkin', drugs, the whole bit. Hopefully the girls will be strong and make good choices. (ds is a cop)

He just had his first 3 nights on the street. Sounds like he has a good FTO who is transitioning him into the job. all I can say is Oh My Goodness, I am a nervous wreck. From Thurs thru Sat, from 2:30 pm and 2:30 am...I am sending out 'arrow' prayers. I think I'm going to start aging quickly now.

off to start my day, ya'll have a good one!

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