Saturday, July 12, 2008

feeling a little bleh..

(photo by Tyler Coleman, Coleman Imagery) (ps, he is FANTASTIC if any of you So Cal-r's need professional photography)

yup, just a li'l bleh. Tummy acting up, but not quite sick. Ever have one of those days? Guess the cure...scrappin! Till I have to leave for the airport.

I've been messing with my picture files, deleting duplicates, creating folders, copying. We pulled the 'trigger' and dsil is going to build me a new computer.

Here's one of the pics from Tyler from the wedding...I love it!! It shows the kids' personalities. But then I prefer these type of pics to the line em up, say cheese and shoot. I was in the house, so I did not see the kids 'mug it up' while they were being announced by dsil's dad.

well, I'm off, a couple of errands in town, then get comfy and SCRAP!!

ya'll have a good weekend!!


Noelia said...

I just enlarged the wedding pic and it is gorgeous! The bride and groom are a good looking couple too.

Heather said...

This is a fabulous picture! I love those candid crazy shots.

Krissynae said...

What a fun wedding photo. I love the more spontanious photos along with the classic. Very cute

Janet said...

What an awesome photos! I like the informal ones much more than the posed shots. Hope you are feeling better today!

I AM A Scrapaholic said...

Karen I love that photo! I agree with you those are my favorite type as well (verse the line 'em up type) can't wait to see you scrap them.