Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From Shimelle:

Today’s blog prompt: Write about your first job
and ask your blog readers to share their first job

My very first job was a hostess/waitress at a Bonanza Steak House when I was 16 years old. But to me, more important than that first job, was my mom telling me, "Now that you are old enough to work, if want the 'extras', you have to get a job" I think that was the best gift.

My parents divorced when I was 9 years old, so my mom was a single mom, working as a cashier in a drug store. Now, my dad was a conscientious ex-spouse, he was good at the child support payments. When he got a raise, he would increase his payments, when I became 18, he continued to send my 'third' till my sisters became 18. And my mom is a good money manager, she can make a little stretch, so we were not 'hurting' when I turned 16... but she was teaching me a work ethic, that I think is extremely important. And I hope I was able to do the same for my kids.

Entitlement, that sure is an epidemic amongst our young. One of my co-workers is raising a 10 year old, and I asked if it was harder. I did not have, X-box, Ipods, cell phones, that are considered necessities to kids these days. I was lucky in that when these things came out, my kids were older and I could tell them "save for it if you want it" We did give them cell phones, after dd got dropped off for a cheer practice that was cancelled and she had no way to reach me. Anyways, my coworker said, "No, because No still means No". (now I do think myspace and youtube makes things harder, but that is another post)

Now, with my kids, we did say 'no' to a tv in their bedrooms, their own computers...these were things in public rooms. I just saw that it would be too easy for them to 'cave in their rooms' and we would never see them.

When my dd wanted a pair of '7' jeans, she had to work during her summer vacation and pay for them. Which she did, and she still wears those jeans.
My son bought his own X-box and games...though we did give him an old tv, with a predominately green screen to play it on. But they were old enough.

I have friends, whose daughter, years ago, came right out and told them something like, "I did not ask to be born, you gave birth to me, so you owe me what I want"
I'm proud to report that she is now a fine young lady (it took a serious car accident to make her re evaluate, but the path she was on, was scary)

okay, another tangent, guess with my neices and nephew visiting, its making me really notice things like this.


:: gingerkitty :: said...

I grew up and my parents surprised me by buying me a TV for my bedroom for Christmas and I opened it up and I said, " A TV,,,what do I do with this?" I was about 11 years old. and You know that the TV was put in the family room. I was glad.

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Sarah C. said...

Excellent post! I completely agree that it seems like younger people today think they are entitled to everything. Those of us that worked hard to get those things we want appreciate them more.

Janet said...

Great, thought-provoking post. I'm raising a teen right now so completely understand what you're talking about. Thankfully our DD is not materialistic at all, but we see it all around us. TFS your thoughts!