Monday, July 14, 2008

ruh, roh...a picture of myself!! yikes!!

From Shimelle: Share an old photo of
yourself and a current photo of yourself with your
blog readers. Tell them a little something that has
changed and a little that has stayed the same.

Took a while, but I found an old pic of me. This one is right after C was born, (can tell by the home its in) so @ 21 years ago. And the current is from last month with my co-worker (I'm the brunette)ha!!

A little something that has changed, well, I used to be thinner! (okay that was rather obvious) let's see, 23 years ago, I was a young mother with 2 babies, one 2 year old and one newborn. So, I was going crazy!! It was a crazy stage, and honestly I did not know if I could 1) do the job and 2) survive. You know, as a young mother, you sure do take everything about the job to darn seriously. You worry about whether or not you are doing EVERYthing right. In hindsight, it isn't about potty training techniques but about time spent enjoying the kids. So there are moments to treasure and moments that I'd rather forget.

So that is another change, my attitude about life in general. I don't have to try to make things 'perfect' in my world, try to control every little aspect.

Let go, Let God.

Also, in those days, we were starting out, that home was a rental and most of our furnishings were hand me downs. And it was okay... I cringe when kids today think they have to have their career, their home, their 'everything' lined up to start a family. I tell my kids, that building those things is what strengthens relationships, working together as a team. Yes, right now we own a home we built with new furnishings, but this is the result of our journey together. And the days when we had "change in a coffecan by the door so dh can get gas to get to work that day" ...are equally precious, if not more, cuz we were a team.

Okay, the same. I'm still a brunette!! I'm still a Christian, and I love my family.
I still drive older, used cars and wear clothes from Walmart and buy makeup from Avon. What can I say, even then, I wasn't interested in the 'status' of the world.

off to take pics of inspiration...much easier than one of me.


Jane said...

love the photos and agree with all you have written

Carrie said...

Love the post! I so agree on the Motherhood!

Sarah C. said...

Great post! You're so pretty. :) I agree - living in the moment & enjoying life is the most important. Time goes by too fast to worry about those other things.

valerie said...

what a lovley story my older picture will propably be a little thinner too


Scrapdolly said...

Really enjoyed reading this

Rhona said...

Great post and I think you're still looking good in the current photo.