Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my teen years...

From Shimelle: Who was your personal
favourite teeny-bopper pin-up? Share a story
about that dreamboat or another happy teenage
memory with your readers.

Oh, ain't that embarrassing. My first, fave teeny bopper pin up was David Cassidy, now don't you laugh, he is still a hottie!!

A story, do you remember an episode where he did not back down to a bully, and the bully went to hit him but backed off. Doesn't happen in real life...I did that at the public swimming pool and the bully did hit me.

Teenage memories...don't know if there are any 'happy'ones. I'm just glad I survived. Boy, I was an emotional wreck. I guess my senior year of high school, hanging out with Michele, would be remembered as my happiest. I was sent to live with my dad in CA after some problems during my Jr. year in Texas. (lets just say I got to ride in the back of a black and white car with bars seperating the back from the front seats) My mom did not feel she could handle me. Luckily for me, I became friends with Michele, so I did not fall back into the lifestyle and friends that had gotten me in trouble, it was a fresh start. We had fun, waiting in gas lines with our frisbee, my car door was broken so we had to slide in and out thru the window, even our li'l car accident was fun. And who can forget singing songs fromt the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the top of our lungs. It was great to be practically adopted into her Portugese family.

So, I did not go to work this morning. Bad reason, my car broke down on the freeway. Transmission went out. So, I am without a car for a while. I did work a little on a couple of pages and took a nice long nap with my Percy (the cat in the header photo). I think I'm going to need a rental. Can't stand being at the mercy of dh...ya know.


:: gingerkitty :: said...

love the new header

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Sandra Collins said...

I hope your car gets fixed quickly

Miss M! said...

Ugh, a broken car is no fun!

You know, I never once hung a photo of anyone on my wall when I was a kid/teenager? EVER?