Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what I would read...

from Shimelle: What’s your favourite
reading material? Like the kind of favourite that
you would take it to read if you had to cut off the
rest of the world for years and years?

Whoa, choose only one type of book or magazines, to read if I had to cut off the rest of the world...wowza...
I might choose the 'classics', my Dad had a collection of the "Great Books" and I've always wanted to study them. So, I guess I would choose those.

This morning, we head for the airport. then its off for work. gotta download my pics and send them to my sisters. I won't post here, as my sis does not like pics of her daughters online. Lets see, I told ya'll a li'l about Pierce...hmmmm
I'd just say that they are very typical 11 and 15 year old girls. Sara (the 11 year old) does have a sweetness about her, but she is completely 'under the influence' of older sister Lexi. When we bought sweatshirts, she got the same shirt, just a different color. If Lexi did not want to do something, like go to the San Fran Zoo, even though Sara seemed interested, she did not do it. Sara was invited by a friends' daughter to spend Sat with her...but she declined...cuz Lexi wasn't interested. But i think this is all normal for a younger sister. I know my dd at this age was fascinated by the teen girls around her and wanted to emulate them.

Now, Lexi, I would simply describe as a '15 year old, and very good at it". She is a very pretty girl, (the kind that turns heads) and you know how the very pretty girls tend to be...hopefully, she will see that this might put you at the 'top' at highschool but in the after highschool world she will need more going for her. And I hope she will make good choices. But in my experience, the very pretty are pursued by older boys and tend to be partiers and sexually active at a very young age. I was very glad to hear that the 'boy' in her life is her age. But we will see.

When we were travelling about, I did note that she is not fully comfortable with the attention her looks get. You know, not at the 'stuck up' part, yet. We laughed about the Chinese tourists at Monterey Bay, who were smiling and nodding their heads at her. (maybe they thought she was Hannah Montana, some people say she looks a bit like her) She said an adamant "No" to the young man who asked her phone number in Santa Cruz..but enjoyed the extra cotton candy given to her by the young man at the stand. (Paid for a small, got a large).

I love my neices and nephew and see potential in all of them. They all have strengths and weaknesses. But it was great getting to know them better. Since they all live in Texas, this is the first time we had an extended visit.

August is going to be a busy month, I think we've got something every weekend. Including the Scrapbook Expo !! now that's a whoo hoo!!

Well, after 4 days off I've got to face my desk this afternoon.
now, that's a poo-ey.

My dsil had good news yesterday, one of their stocks did well...like, he made a $2000 in one day. Did I mention that he is my favorite Okie?


Carrie said...

Sounds like some heavy reading! Well someday your niece will see the power of her beauty & hopefully use it for good, lol. I wouldn't want to be a teen in this time - it seems to be high pressure!

Sarah C. said...

Glad you had a good visit with your nephew and nieces! :) What stock shot up that much? Wowzers! I think all of my investments have simply gone down, down and further down.

I left you something on my blog HERE.