Tuesday, July 8, 2008

a couple of prompts...

from 2 peas:
what was the first job or profession you wanted to be when you grew up?

After seeing the movie, Gypsy with Natalie Wood, I wanted to be a stripper.
Now, I was a very skinny girl, and I remember my uncle telling me to stand to the side, stick out my tongue and I could be a zipper.

Now, I wanted to be a stripper like Gypsy, you know, complete with huge powder puff and silk gloves.

From Shimelle:
the topic is time, her blog prompt was about another time period you would like to live in...

For me, I'm good here in the 21st century, I like airconditioning, washing machines, computers, satellite tv's, malls, microwaves, and such too much to change to a different time period. I don't want to weave my own clothing, grow my own food, and bust butt from sun up to sun down just to survive. I don't want to live in a time period without indoor plumbing. You'd think its cool to live in a castle, but can you imagine using a 'garderobe'(I did look that up)...now the clothes look cool..but I'm into cleanliness. I don't even consider camping a vacation, no roughing it for this girl!!

Oh! also from Shimelle, we were to log our day, hour by hour.
I thought, how BORING, I'm going to work...but today we had a visit from a police officer. Apparently, before I arrived, there was an altercation in the parking lot, ending with threats made to a couple of our employees...so...the police were called.

And my son, in his training, for a different dept. was tazered today. My poor baby.
But my dd, started her new job at Nordstroms...today was orientation and she is impressed. AND she and her hubby are packing, they will be moving to their own apt on the 12th...boo hoo...another milestone...

back to organizing and copying my computer files, its so bad, I was even doing it in my dream last night... highlight file, move file, click, click...

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Rhona said...

I'm with you on liking all the conveniences. I'm no good at camping ;o)