Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yesterday was a good work day...not

So, I arrive at work yesterday morning, and my ddil approaches me, "So are you busy today?". "Well, a little". "How would you like to go with me to see Jason's
2nd 'pinning'" "When do we leave?"

So, after actually working for a little over an hour, we hop into their truck and make the drive to the city my ds will be an officer in and go to watch his official 'pinning' at the station. (He was 'pinned' at the academy graduation)

I am glad I went. The department is very warm and welcoming, there is a sense of community between the officers. When we first arrived, the families did not fill up the room (as there were only 3 new officers) but by the time it started there was standing room only, as the room filled with well-wishers.

Ds says that they all are interested in helping you succeed, and have been very friendly to the 'newbies'. It makes me feel better about the department he is working in, but I'm still not crazy about the city.
Sorry, I do wish he was in a city like Saratoga...where the crime rates are low...instead of this one, which is known to be a 'hotspot'.

We then went to lunch, he and his fellow 'newbies' had to change out of uniform for this as their next orientation was with the officer in charge of gangs, and wearing the uniform while going thru those neighborhoods is not the best of ideas.

It was 4pm before ddil and I got back to work, so I just finished up a few things and went home.

Since it was my mom's birthday, I stopped at the grocery store, with the list she gave me. And then went to McD's to get her her birthday fish sandwich. Which she thouroughly enjoyed. (guess when your 76, its the simple things) I also got her a cheesecake, because she likes her 'daily sweet'.

She got birthday calls from 4 out of 5 grandkids, (which she noted). Even though when they called, she pooh-poohed that is was a special day (as she would say, "when you're this age, what is a birthday?") She also did not call one of the kids back, and because ds called close to 7pm (which she understood because of his busy day), she only talked to him for just a minute cuz she was waiting for her baseball game to start. Yup, that's my mom!!!

Well, guess I better leave a little earlier today, since I did not get much done at work yesterday..well, I got 1 out of 6 bank statements reconciled!!

Only one more day of work...then the kids arrive for the weekend!!
YAY!! (happy dance)

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Janet said...

Busy days for you! Congrats to your DS on his pinning. Best of luck to him in his new career!