Thursday, September 25, 2008

been thinking about my Christamas tree..

I joined the Christmas Swap on 2Peas, so I've been thinking about what type of ornament to request from my future swapper. Hmmmmm, I like to do a theme in my main tree. I've done 'pink' victorian; red,white and blue (when ds and ddil were in Iraq); 'kiddy' ornaments; red with white and I've been trying to figure out my tree for this year.

I thought, since I'm going on my cruise, maybe something "Italian", very 'boroque'...golds and plums. But that seems 'done'. How about "Texas"...bring out my chili pepper lights and cowboy ornaments...or "woodland"...lots of natural textures and birds and deer... hmmmm Candyland, lots of candy type ornaments.

Then it hit me, maybe, I'll do a scrapbook tree. Turn some of my stash into ornaments. Now do it in a way that I can still use the stash....tie ribbons to them or something...then dh can't complain that it just sits there in my room.

I dunno.

Since I'll be traveling the first week of December, helping dd and dsil move to Fort Worth (he's had a change of duty station), I will probably be putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving. Since he is an Okie, maybe the Texas tree, with lots of UT stuff would be fun!!! Esp if he is here to 'help' me put it up!!

There's been a lot of drama at work. Luckily, I'm an observer, not in the middle (knock on wood). Just seems to be a big shakeup happening in one of the departments. Yikes. I'm soooooo glad I work with numbers. With numbers, they do what they are supposed to personalities, no guesses. If something is off, it is easy to fix.

Just waiting for my workout with Kristen. My first in 2 1/2 weeks!! Ever since the tooth started acting up. YIKES!!

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