Thursday, September 4, 2008

a bloom for us.

This is one of my mom's sunflowers that has bloomed. Pretty, huh. the first flower grown by one of us on this property. The garden boxes were built by dh and his friend, Jim...for my mom...she planted a variety of seeds, I have no idea what is in there. There is a melon looking plant, that seems to be doing well...but I don't know if its a melon or a pumpkin..or a squash. Only time will tell.

DH keeps asking about plans for Saturday, lets see, its the day after my tooth appt, I might be drooling and on vicadin...but go ahead and invite our friends over for dinner. I'm sure, they'll understand! Actually, we are so close to C and K...they probably will. They are probably one couple I don't mind seeing 'in that state'...I could even stay in my pj's and that would be cool.

Okay, off to finish kitty boxes and laundry, then my workout, then a list of errands before work. Today is one of the gal's last day, so we are going to have a pizza lunch. Time to start the day...pooey...I'd rather snuggle with my cat..and the pillow.


muirwoodsue said...

Love you new grand kitty Colby Jack. Too funny about a pregnancy pool going! Hope you can be a "real"
Grandma soon!

Lily said...

Lovely photo. I love that you have mystery plants. It will be so fun to see what they grow into

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful flower! :) Hope you are feeling better very soon.