Friday, September 12, 2008

home today,

but not for a good reason. The tooth infection has 'caught' up to me. Yesterday, my head felt like a balloon on string...just felt too heavy for my neck and the pain in my jaw!! yikes!! So, yesterday I called my dentist and she gave me prescriptions for penicillin and pain killers. Now, we've known I have an infection for a couple of weeks, sooooooo, why did I not get penicllin before? I don't know, its a mystery to me.

Today, I don't have the balloon feeling. But I do feel like someone is in my jaw shooting fire balls toward my ear. And forget any sudden head turns...yikes!

So, I am staying home from working, hoping a day of penicillin, hot tea, soup and pudding will get me better for the weekend. I've got to get through till next Weds. when I am scheduled to get this tooth pulled.

Sat, Michele is supposed to come over, so we can plan our clothes for the cruise.
hope I'm up for it. I think its going to depend on my 'pain level'.

Then Sun, dh has invited 5 couples over for a fondue party....he is taking care of all of it. There is a little drama...but not about the party, about one of the potential guests. Not wanting to go into it, I'll just say ' ex-sister in law".

My family is in Houston, not in any of the evacuation zones, but Oh My Goodness!

okay, getting to be time to crawl back into bed. Right now, I'm not even tempted by the scrap, that is bad.


Lily said...

man, tooth pain is the absolute worst. Hope your family stays safe

Sandra Collins said...

I sure do hope you feel better soon

Noelia said...

Hang in there, the tooth will soon be out of there. Hopefully your pain is manageable until Wednesday.