Monday, September 15, 2008

the weekend..

On 2 peas was a challenge to post a pic of our scraprooms as they truly look. So here is mine on Sunday morning. Hey, the floors are clean!! But a couple of started projects are on the work desk.

The weekend was good, but busy. And when my head started to pound..I took a vicadin.
Yesterday was the fondue party. The ladies showed up and did it all, I just cut veggies and showed them where to find bowls. It was very nice. They are a great group of people. Only needed one Vicadin, in the evening.

One of the couples brought their 2 year old daughter, Reagan. She is such a li'l 'cutie'... so fun! She would take a sponge and clean around our island sink, well as much as she could reach. Oh, and she was a li'l obsessive about washing her hands. (she gets this from her mom, a self confessed clean freak)

I loved 'hanging out' with her, she 'fixed' my hair for a little while. She's got wise soul eyes. Does that make sense? There is something there, that says, "You aren't fooling me". She's not the type of toddler, you would 'baby talk' down to. Someday, I'll have a grandbaby...can't wait.

Next couple of Saturdays, there will be crop opportunities. Can't wait, my tooth comes out on Weds, so I should be okay by Saturday, right?

Maybe I'll have to forgo the m&m's...but I'll be there!

I signed up for another un-circle circle journal on This is one in which we make pages to send instead of sending a book out.

Have ya'll taken a peek at the Bad Girls' Top Designer class gallery? Oh MY!! I wish I could scrap like that. I just love the look. Cool thing is, the dt's are giving online classes, giving us 'mortals' their tips. teehee.

Bad News for me about Elsie. Yes, I had noticed that the lines are the same design concept, different colors. But I have enjoyed her papers. And have quite the collection in my stash. Guess I'll keep collecting.

Speaking of papers, I picked up Stampin' Up's Parisian Summer...gorgeous!! I just may need a couple more packs. It's funny, while Michele was here, after we went through the clothes...I showed her the papers I've been collecting. Little Yellow Bicycle, 3 gypsies. and of course, MM Passport.

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Lily said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. Hope you get the pain taken care of. I think a few m & m's might help, even if you have to swallow them whole!