Saturday, September 6, 2008

oh my goodness...

Last night I stayed up late and watched Dogtown...oh 'everything', sad, hopeful, ugly, beautiful. It was about the saving/rehabilitating of the Pit Bulls used by Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring. I fell in love with all of them...Cherry, Georgia, Denzel, Meryl. I wish I could bring one home, but with our 2 dogs, esp w/Rocky, being such an 'alpha', we would probably not be a good fit.

I wanted to see if I could help and this morning I went to the bestfriends website, , and 'adopted' Wrigley (above) for only $25.
So hard to pick one to adopt, so I just went to the back of the alphabet, figuring most people start at the beginning.

Well, physically, I feel like crap. My tooth cannot be saved, there is a crack down the root, so he only did a temporary filling, till we can get me an appt with an oral surgeon to pull it out. But now that the 'local' has worn off...ugh!!
And I've got to decide, leave it with a hole, bridge or implant. Now, I have a hole on the other side of my mouth...I'm thinking, will it help me lose weight? I'd have to eat slower... right now, all I want is pudding!!!

I had a great dream last night! It involved 2 newborn baby boys!! siiiiiigh....

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