Friday, September 26, 2008

My news I've been wating to tell...

I think Gina and Sarah C have guessed based on my earlier questionnaire...but, yes, this young couple is making me a grandma!! FINALLY!!

The funny thing is, when J retired from the Corps in June of 2007, I told them I wanted my grandbaby in April of 2008. This baby is due in April 2009, so the kids are only a year late.!!

I finally get to look in the baby section of the JC Penney catalog!!

I need some jumping up and down smilies!!!

My family has a history of twins, my mom's mom is a twin, and my sisters are twins, so I was hoping. But they aren't having twins, we have an ultrasound to prove it,, its up to dd !!(okay, when she is ready) teehee!!


Anonymous said...

congratulations !!!!!!!!!
I'm glad they live somewhat close. It would be hard if they lived far away. If a couple of days have gone by and I haven't seen Fluffy and Andrew, I start tracking Amanda down.

You are going to have so much fun baby shopping. I can't wait to find out what they are having.

I'm so excited for you. My favorite website when I was having a baby was I love their products. I have just about used everything they sell. I made Amanda drink all their teas too.

I better go to bed now. This is such great news.

Lily said...

how wonderful! congrats!

Sara said...

That's wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Javajunkie said...

CONGRATS!!!! They must be sooo excited. Tell us when you know what it is!

Sara said...

yay! Blain was so happy when Jason told him yesterday! It was hard to keep it quiet for a month, but I knew how much he wanted to hear it from his best friend! We had a great day with them yesterday! Congratulations on becoming a grandma!!!

Sarah C. said...

Woohoo!!! I thought this was the news. How exciting!!! :D Oh, the fun you are going to have.