Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my first crush..uh huh...

After the serious book, the Vanishing of Esme Lennox, I decided to read this one. and so far it has been very enjoyable. I am really enjoying the behind the scenes, as dd used to be in theater...its fun to read about the personalities behind the performance.

And we haven't even gotten to Captain Kirk. (as I revealed a while ago on this blog) Kirk was my first crush. Well, actually it just might be Elvis, I do remember growing up watching those movies with my mom. Nah, Kirk was the first who defined what kind of man I was looking for. You know, a take charge 'hero'. And I did pretty good in that department.

Went to T's this afternoon, there is a lot of stuff on sale, I broke down and got another paper stack. I love the papers, but the dumb thing is I buy it thinking it would fit my dd's taste. Now, my dd doesn't scrap, YET, but I am hopeful.!!

And I am prepared, as soon as she shows interest!! I've got stuff for her.

Its funny, I've done the same with my ddil...she does scrap, a little. But recently I bought her a Basic Grey package (wish I could remember where I bought it) because we all know, BG is a staple. She did seem to like it, even though I used one of the Phoebe papers before giving it to her...teehee

5 weeks till my cruise! YIKES! I am so excited, but sure don't feel ready.


Sandra Collins said...

I too hope my daughters become interested in scrapbooking.

muirwoodsue said...

Oh I gotta check out that book! I love William Shatner -especially on Boston Legal! He is so funny.
I didn't know there was a book out. Thanks for sharing.