Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just saw a commercial for Ore Ida's steam and mash. Oh dear, aren't our kids going to know any of the joys of cooking? What? don't have to peel potatoes anymore? and we can get bagged salad, precut fruit...just no fun. In the interest of progress, guess I'll have to 'force' myself to try it out.

But isn't it funny, I think I read somewhere that young women are taking up sewing. DD says its because of shows like Project Runway. I don't sew, but the last time I was in a fabric store, I remember patterns and fabric as being quite pricey.

Scrap shopping has been a bit frustrating lately...I just LOVE Prima Marketing flower tubes and bling swirls and robin's nest pebbles...but I can't find a place that has it in stock!! I'd hit put in cart...and get 'sold out'...pooey!!

Now, dh's business has a resale #...think I can get him to open a ScrapStuff branch and then I can order direct? The only problem, is I'd have to try to sell it, right?

DH hurt his back yesterday, he bent over to feed the dogs and "pow". He went to the doctor, and he said its going to take a while. Gave him some back exercises and offered him some meds (which he refused) So, you can imagine what its like around here. Dh's back pain, my head feels like its going to pulse right off my neck. We are a fun bunch.

But today is a local crop and I am going, I have no idea what I'm going to work on...but I am going.

so, I guess I better get off the computer and pack.
Ya'll have a great weekend.

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:: gingerkitty :: said...

the meds begin the healing process. I am not for meds, but when it comes to back pain if you don't take them the healing takes a toll and is much longer if at all.