Monday, September 8, 2008

Interesting weekend, really brought out the difference between me and dh.
I've been in pain, not the excrutiating,'give me vicadin' type of pain, but a steady pain on both sides of my jaw. (esp after eating or yawning) Well, dh had invited C and K over for Saturday, okay, we are close enough, that I was able to not 'entertain', they even encouraged me to take a nap (which I did). But on Sunday afternoon, he went to an after church get together with our Bible Study group. Big Mexican Food potluck, my favorite food. I chose not to go. He understood, but was disappointed. Then he 'volunteered' our home for next week's get together, on Saturday. Michele and I already have plans to prepare for the cruise, but I don't know, sometimes, I just need down time.

You know, down time, time to spend in my home, without a bra, in trashy sweats, watching tv, or reading or scrapping. He is very social, I think this was a great weekend for him, from social event to social event.

I always thought of our differences as 'balancing' each other. But this morning, I'm a little irritated.

Soooo, while I was not at the pot luck, I watched the movie "Enchanted". Wasn't it soooo stupid in the beginning, but it sure does pull you in!! I ended up loving it!

I'm looking forward to tonight's season premiere of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
How are they going to 'fix' Cameron after she was blown up? should be interesting!


Angie said...

I can completely relate to your situation. My dh is alot like yours it sounds......a social butterfly! I am at times but I LOVE my quiet time too! I hope you get to feeling better soon! Love reading your blog!

Sandra Collins said...

i too love my quiet time - cherish it actually