Wednesday, April 30, 2008

need your opinions please

here is the train case/purse mom and I have been altering. Sooo, do you think we should leave the bottom part white? or as dh suggests a blue stripe 1/4" from the bottom...or add more of the word paper from the top?

what would you do?

the flower border is from an old stretchy headband that dd had.

so cool to reuse stuff like that.


Lida said...

I´m I like it the way it is, but maybe you would have to present it. So far I love it like that looks simple but very pretty!

jill said...

It could easily be left as is beacause it looks great but I vote for dh's idea, adding a coor blue stripe. A monochrome approach.

Sarah C. said...

Looks beautiful! Clever re-use of the headband. I like your DD's idea. :)

emily said...

I like it as is! Very nice, clean and simple.