Monday, July 13, 2009

another monday...

but got some 'happy' mail.

1. my ugly papers arrived, I joined a challenge on too bad, not something I'd choose, but..okay.

2. got my package from my sis, Brenda..I had left my tennis shoes behind when I visited last, I missed those shoes. Being overweight, only very good tennis shoes are okay for my back. Eventually, even those Keen sandals can leave my back achy by the end of the week. not out and out pain...just achey. but, I've found that these tennies don't leave my back feeling that way. Even cheap tennies tend to hurt. so, I have missed those shoes.

Also in the box were the goodies I bought for her and her daughters from GASC.
Prima tubes, thickers, fancy pants chipboard, heidi swap photo corners and clearstamps...I figured, okay, they can go in my stash. but, I asked her about them.

Bre: "those are ours? I thought you left them behind. I was going to take them, but thought 'that would be bad'. well, send them back, nooooooow.."

me: "um, Bre, UPS has already picked up."

her: "send them FedEx, I'm worth it."

No, they'll go out tomorrow, with some of mom's mail that has been stacking up.

I was scrappin dd's Europe semester over the weekend, but noticed a lack of pics taken in Florence..only 3 pages I was looking in her Facebook for some. Did not find any, so decided to use one of mine, a panoramic view from Michelangelo's Square. I got a call from her and asked her why no pics? "by that time we were so tired of taking pictures of everything' WHAT!! tired of pics in FLORENCE, I T A L Y!!!

anyways, looking thru her pics on Facebook, reminded me of how much I miss her. They are coming out in Dec for Christmas...but...only being able to see your dd twice a year..SUCKS!!! But, I remind myself, this is what we raise our kids to do, to go out and make their own lives. and she is happy, and in love with the Okie (my dsil) what more can I ask...hmmmm, that they live here in our small town!!

here's a simple layout I did of her in least they took quite a few pics there!! I rarely do the matching the picture thing...but like how this turned out.

this is more like me, she is wearing pale blue, I'm gonna use pink!! teehee

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MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love your layouts ~ have fun with those papers, can't wait to see what you do with them :)