Thursday, July 9, 2009

so tired...

but tomorrow is my day off! though I have things to do..but I'll be able to nap in the afternoon!

I've been taking benedryl and tylenol sinus all week...can't figure it out, don't think its allergy season, but feeling miserable.

One good thing, this past week, chocolate has been tasting HORRIBLE! I put one in my mouth and it felt like I put insecticide in! YUCK!! even my M&M's are not tasting that good. But my English Tea Cookies have been WONDERFUL!

I had a donut on Sunday and it was NASTY! hmmmmm, maybe I should just use this to stop eating that stuff...hmmmm...not!

Got an Adriana fix last night, we stopped by with Chinese food to celebrate J's birthday. He was working on last night was good.

DDil broke down and got him 'guitar hero' or 'rock band' dh played a round with them...oh my...if I'd only had my camera. the looks on their faces, so intent, so entranced..geeee...BUT gave me more time to hold Adriana..I probably had the same look on my face while looking at her...teehee

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