Thursday, July 16, 2009

happy, happy mail day...

a while ago, I got picked for a RAK of Early Bird papers from Mandie's Blog and it arrived yesterday!!
happy dance!! I've been so admiring/wanting these papers!! THANK YOU Mandie!!

I also got my Stampin Up the new incolors...and the fact that the stamps are pre-cut for ya.

I'm off tomorrow and Monday! 4 day weekend for me!! tomorrow the kids will be here..I get the whole family...ds, ddil, the cupcake, and 2 grandkitties...they are having the Clark Guy spray the inside of the house. yooooohooooooo!

(guess there have been nasty spider sitings)

Yesterday was actually a good day at work..the other co-worker on maternity leave, stopped by with her baby, London. so, I got to hold 2 babies in 2 days at work.

but I did get in a li'l trouble, don't worry, nothing I can't handle. You see, I sent dd and dsil a box of stuff..included was a 'crinkle cave' for their cat. I get a phone call on the way home from work "You HAD to get him a crinkle cave"...teehee
Colby was making so much noise with it, guess they were going to lock it up at night, so they can get some sleep! teehee...that's what g'mas are for...right?

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Lynn said...

awwww sweet baby and nothin better than goodies in the mail. woo hoo!