Friday, July 31, 2009

had an adventure yesterday...

Went to the eye doctor. Got a full battery of tests. including them dilating my eyes...oh, that was interesting. could not focus and lights were very was my first dilation. he said my eyes, at age 48, are in good shape. just the expected occular degeneration. sooooo, there wasn't enough significant change to my prescription, so I kept my current sunglasses and glasses, just added a pair of reading glasses to my repetoire. Current glasses are tri-focals, just could not get the up close part to work for me.

I've been thinking for the reading glasses, I want something fun. Not everyday normal, but fun...retro horned rim glasses...or a fun know...

I got a pair of Guess glasses...kinda pink/purple in color, with the G bling on the sides. I'm stylin'!!! I'll pick them up in about 12 working days.

I had lunch at El Rosal, very good, but Las Gaviotas in my town is better.

Then I went to Michaels, 'just to get an album with my 40%off coupon'..uh huh.
I have started to get the Recollections albums. Yesterday, it was a pale blue one.
and paper was 30% off. so picked up BG Ambrosia (never had an interest in it before, the orangy-gray combo did not appeal...but...its pretty cool in person.) and My Mind's Eye 29th Street Market..think the blues, browns, grays will work for some pics of a snowmobile trip dh took many years ago. I wanted to find something with wintery colors but not a themed wintery/Christmassy line...does that make sense? The papers were 30% off, but at reg price .99 ea., did not feel like it was a super great bargain.

did I mention I'm on a budget. Actually supposed to not buy. uh huh.

I also picked up a slice cartridge 'chillin' on Ebay. for 29.99 with shipping insurance. so, about $32.

I also picked out my ugly paper to send for the ugly paper challenge on oh, these are ugly. When I first started scrappin' I bought mega packs from Ebay. This is before I learned about lines like BG, MME, Making Memories, DCWV... so, I've got a collection of these to send to my poor potential victim. Can you see the detail in the purple...hey! its kinda like my vision yesterday while my eyes were dilated!!


NancyJones said...

you can get that entire line of mme for 29.99 at they have all of it here is the link

they have other stuff too.
sorry to enable you but just thought i would let you in on the deal lol

Heather the Mooselover said...

Oh the stuff we bought when we were just starting out... then we learned ;)

I hate having my eyes dilated- I always end up with a monster headache.

Heather the Mooselover said...

Duh- I forgot to thank you for visiting the MAF blog hop. I'm glad you joined- it is a fun group!