Sunday, July 19, 2009

a couple of layouts...

I had posted these pics on facebook,so, did a layout for Adriana's book. The top pic is me, middle is my ds and bottom is my li'l cupcake.

Also did this one, loosely based on the Thursday Sketch challenge.

and this was fun:

from an 'ugly paper' challenge on first time making lollipop flowers..I like them!

have a couple more challenges to do this weekend. As ya'll can tell, I love them, they get me moving and helps me create out of my 'box'.


Lida said...

Oh gosh I love the layout of the generations how sweet is that, the one with the flowers is so rich I love the texture!

Deanna said...

Very nice! I love the one with the dog! So cute!

Jingle said...

cute! I really love that top layout! The photos are gorgeous!