Saturday, July 11, 2009

sorry mom,

we've taken over. Percy and I spent the day in mom's old suite area. Dh took over the other room to watch tv and take naps...he was a li'l worthless today. (But that's okay, we all need days like that. don't we?)

first order of business was a nice nap on her couch...she has the softest blanket you can imagine, that the kids got her for Christmas.

followed by scrapbooking on her coffee table, I am finding I like to scrapbook in front of a tv. I did a few challenges then spent time finishing the layouts from some of the classes I have taken over the years. Got kinda hard, finding pictures to go with someone else's paper choices. I did throw a couple away. or pulled the cool embellies off for a future project. The one on the table, was from GASC, I don't have any surfers in the family...but did find some pics of dd at the pool at the old house. Sometimes, I miss that pool!!

I actually finished a book. One of ds's childhood/high school/pre Marine Corps. Just had 3 pages in there to finish.

and while I was scrappin' Percy was taking a nap on her bed.

Now, DH wants the room open to the cats...though mom hates cats and their fur, but we live in the country and dh want them to have access...for in cases rodents decide to visit. So far, knock on wood, we have been rodent free in the house...though not anywhere else. But my cats are so fat and spoiled, I think its the scent of them more than the actual cats that keep the rodents away.

I think I'll be scrappin' tomorrow as well. Not sure what I'll be doing..but have a couple more books that just need a 'couple' more pages...ya know?

ps..looking at that pic of Percy on mom's bed...what do ya'll think of the curtains? I got them on Ebay and love the vintage-ness of them...but don't know what bedspread to use. I'm kinda 'eyeballing' a Paprika set at Target...what do you think? What color would you use?


Debby said...

I'm not sure of the set at Target, but I would want to pull some of the darker colors from the curtains to make the bed really stand out in the room. Lighter colors will make it fade into the walls and curtians. My opinion. LOL

Lida said...

Hope your mom doesn´t mind Percy in the bed, but he looks adorable! The curtains are so pretty...have fun scrapbooking!!

Sharla said...

Hi Karen right now I'm just using a trial version of PSE....I'm not sure which one to actually purchase, but I'm having a lot of fun with this and definitely want to learn more! :) Cute Percy!!