Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dh last night...

"having a new kitten is exhausting, its like having a baby in the house"

Yup...she meows a lot..and she is soooo tiny, you gotta watch out...right now she is 'bouncing' around in the office, looking for something to play with. bites on our toes, try to climb our legs. But, she is sooooo cute! She was born in a friend's garage on his property..I doubt there was litter box training by mom. So far, when she is in the room with the box..she does fine. Last night, she started to go in a corner in the office.

Wasn't Hell's Kitchen riveting? But I am so disappointed in the way the former Marine (Joey)and Texan (Van) are behaving...c'mon guys represent us better!..

I think Gordon needs to fire this whole crew and get a new one.

and yay! I got on the treadmill last night while watching it...2 nights in a row!

This is embellishment week at Organize Your Stuff challenge. Oooooooh, my. Where do I start. The challenge concentrates on brads, primas, buttons, rhinestones, misc.

I like to organize by type. That is how I think of them. I like to leave in packaging...cuz I also think by brand plus in the case of Primas and buttons...I like how the shades are color co-ordinated for me.

I also like my re-purposed containers. I think they add to the decor of my room.

But, I do need to be able to see them to use them. so, I do have some 'problem' areas to think out.
well, I post pics after work...gotta go to work...yucko


Katherine said...

Your kitten is so cute! I was watching Hell's Kitchen last night too - love that show! I was absolutely shocked at what a jerk that Joey was being!

Lida said...

Yes, she is a doll totally adorable, love kitties at that age!