Tuesday, July 21, 2009

look what Michael brought home..

In shock, I asked 'you brought me a kitten?" He said, "Nope this one is mine." That she will be an indoor/outdoor cat...horrible idea, the dogs will shred her. That is what they do. He took her outside with him, to show the dogs that this is HIS kitten. and they were curious, but did not hurt her. Well, they would have had to grab her from her hands to do it... I guess that is his plan. I don't think it will work, so I am trying to convince him not to do it. Let her be an inside cat; spoiled and worthless. DD thought of her name, Charlette.

Percy and Cassandra are not happy. But hopefully they will adjust. I am backing off, let Michael bond with her...so he won't send her outside. And so Percy won't feel threatened...but he is in a 'snit'. She has spent the morning next to Michael's feet.

I told Michael to get another of her littermates; that having a companion would help with the transition. He said 'if I do, they will definately be indoor/outdoor cats.' does that mean he is rethinking it for Charlette. Hopefully. So, I told him
'forget it. I want her to be indoor only'

Last night she was in a box next to his side of the bed. She was 'crying' and he put a pair of his used socks in there. So his scent could comfort her. she did get quiet...or maybe she passed out! ha! She is so tiny, right now her 'litter box' is a gladware container!

I did do a li'l scrapping yesterday. Just 2 quick layouts. The big project was the start of my layout idea notebooks. While shopping at Staples, I bought 3 spiral notebooks...one for 1 picture layouts, one for 2 picture and the other for 3 pictures and more. I cut up my old CTMH catalogs for the pictures. I think I need one more for cards. but, I got started.

The organize your stuff challenge this week is embellishments. yikes!


Jingle said...

Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh...and CHA totally negates any and all 'no-spend' rules for at least two weeks! I ehard that somewhere..... LOL!

Delightful Dwelling said...

Awww, she is so cute! I just love kittens, they are such cute balls of fluff.

Lida said...

New kittie alert!!! How adorable is her, too cute...definetely indoor cat, plus tell him about catching fleas, and all the mean people out there. She is adorable!

BonnieRose said...

an adorable kittie, for sure!

NancyJones said...

what a cute little kitten. that is funny that it is his. My hubby would rather have his fingernails yanked out than have a cat.

Katie said...

So cute! Tabbies are so much fun!