Friday, July 10, 2009

off today, yay!

but I have a hacking cough and drippy nose...which is good, right? It means my body is expelling the crud that has been giving me the headaches all week! (is that TMI?)

While mom was living here, she used to complain about dh's laundry..that he produced soooo much of it. So yesterday morn, I started to sort them for today..
I last did laundry last Thursday, so in one week, 7 days, he had 12 button down shirts to wash. I asked him, "how many shirts do you wear in a day?" "only one" I started pulling them out and counting..."do you want to rethink that?"

He used to wear 2 pairs of socks at a time. At least he is down to one pair!

today's goals, laundry, reconcile bank statements at church, drop off paper packs to a couple of the gals in the scrapbook group, start an idea binder (re the Organize your stuff challenge)...scrapbook...I might have a couple of weeks of P365.

We are doing a new challenge for the local scrap group. A couple of years ago I had bought a Rob and Bob stack. So, I seperated them by color group/theme and each of us took one. The girls picked theirs sight unseen, I took what was left. 3

I got the pink family. so, this month we are going to use them for a project/layout. I'm thinking with my pink family, I'm going to tackle some of the old black and whites of my mom's family in Japan.

Through another challenge, I've started some layouts of dh's family.

and of course, have those pics from my dad's, I'm starting to think 'heritage' these days.

I'm almost done with dd's Europe album..a couple more I guess its time to start thinking of the next big project. Of course, I haven't started my own Greece/Italy cruise yet.

Oh, its official, I'm cool!! Though one niece, the 13 year old de-friended me on Facebook, (poo-ey) the other niece, the 16 year old friended me this morning! whoohoo!

okay, the machine is ready for a new load...
(what do you think, should I attempt a trip to M's for those $10 sizzlets?)

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