Saturday, July 18, 2009

morning of the dogs..

I was awakened @2 am by the sound of a I got up to check out goodreads, I had signed up for it a while ago, but never really looked. Its a cool site, interviews with authors, reviews by other readers and the interactive function of creating your own bookshelf. If you look at mine, I have a lot of older books, most of them are sitting next to my bed...waiting. ANOTHER goal.

So, went back to bed a li'l after 3:30 and the coyotes were in a full blown frenzy. I hate coyotes. A lot of people leave their unwanted pets in the country, thinking they will find homes. They don't.

those sounds just break my heart. Then they were followed by dogs yelping and barking...allllllll morning....

dd says I should write a letter to the editor about this...ya'll have any ideas? dh does run a screenprint shop..maybe he can make some signs we can put up...ask neighbors to put up along our fences.

I love country life, but yeah, people dump their garbage, unwanted furniture, appliances, their pets...
the worst is when goat parts are dumped ...guess 'barilla' only requires certain parts...ugggghhh!!!


NancyJones said...

so sad. I used to live in the country and people would drop off their animals. They leave cats here sometimes. we have had several cats show up here that way. so pitiful.
every time i click on your blog your header makes me smile.

Cierra Marie said...

WRITE A LETTER! just do it anonymously if it would make you more comfortable!