Tuesday, July 14, 2009

attention everyone...

this was announced by me, this afternoon at work...'attention everyone, in about 15 minutes we will have a very special visitor. I get to hold her first...I call 'dibs'" general grumbling...'ah, that's not fair. you see her all the time"
"nope, I haven't seen her since last Weds"...

and she showed up...grandma's li'l cupcake...

now in the pic, A.J a coworker is holding her, so I can take the pic.
what can I say, it was the highlight of my day!

When she first arrived, a coworker, Francine was speculating as to whether or not she will keep her blue eyes. They do seem to be getting lighter. and Nyki's eyes are a very baby blue color. Anyways, she told Adriana, "I think you are going to keep your blue eyes" and Adriana started to cry..."what, you don't want blue eyes"...I told Francine, "of course not, she wants green eyes like her auntie" ha!! Actually, Nyki said she was probably crying cuz it was close to time to eat.

it was over 100 degrees today. so, when I got home, I watered down the golden (the doberman doesn't like water) anyways, it was fun...running water over him and rubbing him down. and when he was done, he shook his fur, getting water all over me too! nice of him to share.

came home and took pics of my kit/project organization for the Organize Your Stuff challenge thread on 2peas.

so, here they are...

large projects in progress, in the iris boxes.. right now...dd's performance stuff, her Europe Sem for book, her Europe for her journal book and my Europe trip

kits divided by seasons in Cropper Hoppers. and the last one is my Stampin with Steph Stampin' Up kits. I tend to think of my pps by manufacturer, but kits are different cuz they are generally a mixture of manufacturers. I find dividing them by seasons...spring, summer, fall, winter is helpful for me...like over the weekend wanted to do a pic from Florence Italy, thought fall colors would look good and found an old I am a Scrapaholic kit. perfecto

and my problem area 1 - those kits that don't fall into seasons...one of the gals, suggested I organize by primary colors...and that could work. guess what I'll do is spread them out on the floor and see if there is a 'pattern' for me...hmmmmmm

and problem area 2 - brought up by another gal, what about all the memorabelia we are saving for future projects..right now they just take up my bottom shelf in the pink see-thru bin and the cookie tin...siiiiiiigh...no ideas there. I just throw them in as I get them...stuff from graduations, weddings, events...do I even know what is in there anymore?

ya'll have ideas for my problem areas, let me know..

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