Wednesday, July 29, 2009

organize your stuff...Alphas

I like the way my Alphas are stored...I have chipboard, misc alphas in these mixing bowls and brandy glass(well, plastic from W's)..

I have my KI soup on a shelf in my cabinet...

my thickers in a basket on my counter...

and stickers in a bag in a drawer...

as I've been thinking about it, I probably want them closer together. They are kinda spread out in the room. though, I'll probably leave it as is. it works.

kitten news:

oh my, on Sunday, li'l girl was allowed to sleep outside the bathroom, we feel confident that she has been using the litter box...she spent that night on the couch. She was pooped out with all the attention she got from our visitors.

but on Monday...she figured it out...if she follows papa into the purple room and climbs the big thing in the middle...she can sleep between papa and mama.
Does dh kick her off like he did Percy when he was a kitten? Noooooo, papa laid a t-shirt in the middle of the bed for her. (he does not like cat hair on the sheets and pillows). She did sleep on the t-shirt, when she slept. I got up twice during the night with her. does she attack papa's pajama hem and bat at his face...nooooo..she does it to me. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep...and Weds I was a yawning mess at work.

Weds night, same thing, except worse...during her 3:30 am was like she was on Red Bull!! holy moly, she even woke papa up...we were late to work. My body did not even think of waking up till 7am...dh claims he tried to wake me...but I was sooooooo out. (we usually leave at 7:15)

I don't know how this is going to work out...good thing she is sooooo cute!

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