Friday, July 17, 2009


at the end of the day, I remembered I hadn't taken any pics for P365, so I stepped outside...and Percy very kindly 'posed' at the door for me.

With the organize your stuff challenge being about got me thinking about my kits subscriptions...

Right now, I subscribe to ...

I am a Scrapaholic, @$35 per month, I really enjoy these kits. Lynn is very good at getting us the latest and greatest and thru her, I have tried out things I may not have picked up on my own. She has a fun sense with her embellishments. So often, I will hunt down a line, only to get a kit of it...I've been subbing for a couple of years now.

Stampin with Steph, Stampin Up kits, @$23 per month. I do love Stampin Up products, this way I get to play with the papers without having to buy a whole pack. I first 'met' Steph thru the 2 peas blogs, she was selling a sampling pack of Stampin Up embellies, so I signed up for that. I am very happy with these kits.

I used to subscribe to Bad Girls, @ $45 per month. I loved these kits. They were my secret weapon...dd thought scrappin was a li'l silly, but while creating my scrap corner in her home, I left a couple of 'bad girls'. She decided to do a couple of pages for her office...found the kits, and now she scraps.. a little. Not a full blown scrapper, yet. But, Wendy, decided to go a different direction than scrap kits...and I am a scrapper, not an decided to allow the subscription to drop during the change. But I still go back to the site to drool.

I also love Noel Mignon kits...though I'm not a subscriber but everynow and then there is a kit I cannot resist like the Eyes of Blue. and Jenni Bowlin, another every now and then when I cannot resist and am on time, cuz these sell out.

Because of a friend, you know your name Ashley, I also now subscribe to the SEI mega kits. They are sent every other month. She would bring these to crops..and I got hooked. When they had the kit with Lovebirds back in Feb...well that was it for me.

so, those are my consistent can understand why my kit storage is a bit of a problem area...but one I LOVE!!

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Tere said...

thanks for the reviews, I belong to 2 different ones, but is goof to know there are some good ones I hvan't "tried"