Saturday, July 25, 2009

making progress...

in the kitty world...the big cats no longer growl and hiss at the little one...the still won't play with her. but, hey, its still progress right?

I got to spend yesterday afternoon with Adriana. My perfect day! except, guess what, li'l miss has decided she will no longer take a bottle. Not even with breast milk, no formula...uh uh. She won't take it from her daddy, her mommy or her g'ma. Mom is trying diff formulas, nipples...but nope, she does not want it. She can be hungry...but if its the bottle. no way.

hmmmm...wonder where she gets that kind of pickiness and stubbornness...hmmmmmmm

(its her mom) (Nyki is sooooooooo picky about food. for ex: she hates celery, and claims even if I cut another veggie using the same knife I had cut the celery with...she can still taste it.)

but came home and no internet! boohoo

today should be a leisurely day of internet, tv and scrappin'! ha!!

oh and a warning, don't open your email about 2Peas Warehouse sale, very dangerous....before I knew it, I had spent $52.00!!

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