Monday, July 27, 2009

work is boring!


well, one more week till the end of the month. AND I have both Thurs and Friday off. Thurs for an optomotrist appt...time to get reading glasses...I'll really look like a grandma, with my reading glasses around my neck with a chain!! and Friday back at the church to write checks...payroll and quarterly taxes. fun, fun.

Charlette is li'l miss entertainment...she is at the 'dink dink' stage. You know, where she is constantly hopping and getting into anything she can? We had friends over on Sunday, and she was a 'hit'.

AND we loved watching Design pink geese...who'd have thought that was a good idea? I didn't. but I loved the rest of the room. My bedroom is the same purple color and loved that birch tree artwork...

and don't go to Joanne' stacks half off...also the bead holders...yeah, I could get in trouble.


Katie said...

That kitty is really darling. My parents have a calico named Charlotte and my little girl is named Charlotte too (the cat actually came first).

I felt the same way about the Design Star room. I loved that they picked a color to paint the geese, just wasn't really a fan of the choice of hot pink.

glitzen said...

Your kitten is SO darling!!!!!!!! Lucky you. I love love love kittens. We have two cats, five years old, but I still remember and treasure their kitten days!