Sunday, April 6, 2008

life is different for my kids...

from 2 peas: How is life different for your children than when you were growing up?
(great page idea as well)

There is the obvious, dvd players vs going to the movies (and seeing what's available not what you want), ipods vs turntables, satelite t.v. vs 3 or 4 channels (with rabbit ear antennas), microwave and convenience foods vs homemade and cutting your fruits and vegetables yourself!

We got to play outside all day and walk to the local 7-11, today you just can't let your kids do that!

But I am soooo glad I don't have young ones today, I think it is even harder now than even a few years ago when my kids were young...lets see, no pressure to let them have cell phones before 10 years of age, (my kids got them in high school)

Abecrombie just came out when they were in Jr. High, and wasn't the absolute must have that they are today, or any of these 'name' clothes.

MySpace, I think this just makes it sooooooo much harder to raise kids. This came out when my kids were already out of highschool, and had a little online maturity.
(though dd was propsitioned thru one of the Yahoo sites)

I see such young kids there and think it is horrible! (my neice lied about her age and was on it in Jr. High)
Remember the story of the young lady who committed suicide and the young 'man' she thought she was talking to was the mother of one of her former friends?!!!

Education is not what it was when I was growing up...what is it?
You need a jr college education to get what used to be a high school education?
and forget about working for the larger corporations without a bachelor's degree.

so, can I think about anything positive?
I do love the convenience and comforts of today,
I do love how the internet opens up friendships (for adults), like here, we are from all over the country and able to converse and share our ideas about our love for scrappin'. and how we can use the internet to keep up with friends.

dh is sick today, so I guess I'll stay home today, to make sure what he has is a food thing and not a 24hr bug. Hate to spread something possibly contagious, guess I'll just have to FORCE myself to scrap today.
(update, well, its 10 am and I can say its a bug thing...I've come down with feeling flushed, but with chills, slight fever and gurgly tummy)
(oh well, good choice to stay home)

take care ya'll and have a great Sunday!!


Maggie said...

ooh ooh the flu is making it's ugly head again...I'm coming down with it so is my dh..
It amazes me about the advance in technology :)

emily said...

Your mini book is a great idea! I'll have to "file it away" in the back of my mind for someday...