Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a digi layout

did a digi layout last night, my dh had his graphic artist do a 'flyer' invite for the wedding, but it fell flat for us. She did a cut out of the kids layered over a plant then shaded blue...nah.

so, I did this on my PSE6 for my daughter. It ain't fancy, cuz I still don't really know what I'm doing, just pointing and clicking and hoping it works. It is a Parisian kit from 2 it was cool. Of course when I printed it to an 8.5x11 the side borders got cut off.

dd wants to give these flyers to her friends at she picked this picture that really shows her...well, you can see his ear... She is a little bit of a stinker, isn't she?


Sarah C. said...

Great job at the digi! I bet it looks pretty cool on the 8.5x11. Sweet photo and it did crack me up that only your DD's full face is visible. :)

Lida said...

That is such a cute layout and u did a great job!! Your daughter and his honey look great in that pic and my what a good looking ear!