Saturday, April 19, 2008

my kids are here...

The kids are here for the weekend, so last night, all 4 were here for dinner,
it was nice. but late, C and Chris did not arrive till 7..J and Nyki arrived @15 minutes later, so we weren't eating until after I was on the treadmill at, I'm too old for those kind of hours.

I've got Anna Karenina on the tv..with Vivien Leigh. what a beautiful, sad story.

I'm not working today, I was planning to, but with A.J. at work, I don't feel so far behind. BUT with mom here, I don't have any of my regular, darn, guess i'll have to go in the scraproom!!

C found some spelling errors and stuff in the wedding party book, and like a dummy, I did not save a I'm not sure of the font I used. That's okay, I'll find something close. Nyki is going to make bridesmaid's gifts for the wedding, turns out Nyki knows how to 'bead'...something I would really love to learn how to do.
But I had a book, and the girls chose a Nyki is going to make them for C.

The wedding is less than a month...they were talking about possibly going to Texas.
(guess he can put in a request for this unit)...boohoo, they grow up and leave too fast!! But I can see the wisdom of this move, guess it would be 'long term' and they would be 'settled' (its a non deployable unit) so they both can pursue their Masters. Though C will have a Bachelors in sociology, the careers that interest her require a Masters. and Chris is working on his Bachelor's degree and wants to pursue a career in engineering. Sooooo...this makes sense...but 2000 miles away!!


Lida said...

It must be awesome having your whole family together, enjoy the scrapbooking!!

Sarah C. said...

How nice to have time with your kids! :) Very generous of Nyki to make the bridesmaids' gifts. I've tried beading, but it's not my thing. Sticking to paper. ;)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'll be praying for you and your cat.