Monday, April 7, 2008

spring project...

from 2 peas:
Do you have spring projects your excited to do? If so what is it?

Just yesterday I noticed that dd's baby photo album is getting all yellow,
it is one of those fabric padded albums that were around in the late 80's. So, I'm going to switch from the old adhesive pages to scrapbook pages.

so, for me this is my spring project, maybe I'll do a li'l spring cleaning also.
or finish decorating the home, we have been in here a couple of years and not many pictures are up on the walls.

"Ruthless People" is on, so 80's..but it is so funny, so I'll 'dvr' it for later.

no scrappin' today, appointments at the dentist and dmv...and shopping for that lingerie luck, went to Macys, Gottschalks, Victoria's Secret and Kohls.
(did find a nightgown for new leaf..instead of coming to bed in whatever I worked out in, I am changing to nightgowns.)(one of the little 'me' steps I am taking, like putting on a little perfume in the mornings) Back to work tomorrow...whoohooo...

My cat tore up a corner of the carpet this afternoon. Because he sets off the home alarm,we have had the police out in the past, he gets locked into the bedroom when no one is home, apparently he did not like it today...came home to find carpet fibers, carpet strings and a hole...
poor baby.


jp said...

Oh, dear...Lily has torn up several areas of carpet and I don't know how to stop her. She does it just for fun, then she eats the carpet pieces!

Great idea to work on that baby album! That's a wonderful spring project.

Lida said...

Cats can be so weird, we have one that loooves scotch tape, cleaning the litter is nevre boring I´ll tell you that.
Great spring project I sould scrap my baby pictures too!