Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy tax day!! HA!!

from 2 peas: With the economy today. Have you started to cut back on your scrap shopping? If so how?

Not yet, I know I need to. Right now, our cut back has been commuting together to save on gas. It was an adjustment for me, as dh, goes in early and stays late...but you make it work.

DH and I are in a 'budget' process as we speak, in fact, I recently confessed all the ways I'd sneak in my scrap purchases...sometimes right under his nose. So the how, would be being more accountable. Set my 'budget' amount and stay in it...

okay, joke over...I've never managed to stay within a budget...just does not happen.

Talked to dd yesterday, my poor baby, so much to do with less than a month to go.
I got my 'list' of what she'd like me to be on the lookout for.

Wine glasses, they can rent them @.50 each, but she'd like to go plastic, so she won't be worried about breakage. so, anyone know where one can get bulk 1 piece plastic wine glasses?

Well, taxes are done...what a relief. But don't 'they' say that until May, we work for taxes. Something about all our income till a day in early May goes to taxes.
The average American pays 30 to 40 % of their income in taxes...Federal, State, Local, Property, sales, ..... on and on. In California, we pay sales tax on online purchases. I keep track of my 2 peas purchases, so I can pay CA taxes on my state 540 form. Oh well, one of the costs of living in the great state of CA. also, the reason CA gas is higher than gas in other parts of the country...CA taxes and surcharges.


Linda said...

We mailed out our taxes yesterday, I was so sad to see those 2 envelopes go...we owed $$ this year. :(

Lida said...

Wow only a month to go, awesome!! I know I don´t work well with budgets either wish I could.