Monday, April 28, 2008

crazy weekend...

Crazy weekend, I did skip the purse party, I was just too poop-ed after all the running around. Once I hit the couch on Sat night, I was done. Did not even hit the treadmill. What little scrappin/crafting Ive done is related to the wedding.

This morning, I was laying awake and couldn't sleep so I gave up and got up at 5:30, worked on the wedding party book and am now working on the pictures for the reception tables. DD wants to put pics of them growing up on the tables, she says she wants them in silver frames...but a total of 16 I bought $.89 acrylic frames and am doing alocohol ink background w/silver matting..hoping that will be okay. I'd post a pic, but the computer that has the pics is not connecting to the internet today.

Soooo, this weekend is NSD...our local group is having a crop and a goodie bag exchange. Just need to choose which project to bring to crop...still need to finish Europe and Christmas Journals...hmmmmmmm

From 2 peas: I remember when...oh, tough one, my head is so full of 'stuff' its hard to remember...but...let me try to slow down....hmmmmmmm

I guess, working on this wedding stuff is making me remember my own time as a young wife and mother. How crazy it was and non-ending. Remember when you had toddlers and people would say, "someday you'll miss this" and you thought they were absolutely NUTS. But now, that both my kids are grown, I do miss it. Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and I wish I was a more 'relaxed' young parent, that I did not let the 'little things' annoy me so much. (now I'm the one telling young frazzeled parents, 'you're going to miss this') Just told this to a friend yesterday, whose young teen daughter is going to the same dance school as my dd....the crazy schedules and seeing her daughter perform. I used to drive my dd about 3 times a week to a town 40 minutes was crazy, but oh so wonderful.

So, as you can imagine, I do cry during the Trace Atkins song. (I cry at a lot of songs these days)

Oh, side note to you scrappers, yesterday after church was a babtism...beautiful service, BUT being the addicted scrapper I am, I noticed one of the lady's was yellow and gray (not a color combo I like) with a french bird and scrollwork was so cool. I sat there wishing I had my camera..for the shirt!!! isn't there a way to make pp using clothing and a color copier?
Gee, its a sickness, I tell ya...

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