Friday, April 4, 2008

my floppy hat..

so, I bought myself a white floppy hat...from Avon...but I figure EVERY mother of the bride needs to wear a white floppy hat and short white gloves, right?

I think I'm going to add a blue ribbon and flower...maybe a nice bling brad in the center. (dd's colors are blue and white)

I wore it at work, with my UT t-shirt and my co-workers thought it was quite fetching, think it was my bil who said, 'it looks like a doiley on your head"

from 2 peas:
Do you have sites you like to visit and do their challenges?

yes, I like I am a Scrapaholic's website, and they are celebrating their birthday with a series of challenges. and I have done Scraptalk's challenges also.
I like challenges, they make me use supplies and try things I may not have thought of.

I've been organizing my scrap room this past week. 2 garbage bags went out, don't worry, not scrap stuff...old catalogs, tins (I've been saving to alter, but won't)
that kind of stuff. After seeing my sister's set up, I decided to take my stickers and that type of embellishment out of the drawer and onto a 'pseudo clip it up'. On the boards there has been a picture of a 'clip it up" on a paper towel holder.

I kept mine on an open binder,propped open. I don't have room for the full circumference of a paper towel holder, so this works for me.

but what about those misc rubber stamps..? I put them in the drawer the stickers used to go in...but not liking it there that much...gotta think this one out.

I'm working this Saturday, actually I like it, no phone calls, no interruptions,
and ds and dil will be meeting us...she's going to work...and we'll have lunch at Manpuku ( a sushi place) ( a real good one in Livermore)

AND bil, the one with the doiley remark, gave me his Michael's 50% off I gotta go to Michael's !!! (and he is forgiven for the remark)

Oh, Miss April (the picture in the header) is Cassandra, in the picture, she joined my friend Michele and I during a crop weekend a couple of months ago. She is giving us her, "I'm not moving" attitude. I think she actually did growl at Michele when she tried to move her. (she was on Michele's side of the table) Cassandra is almost 15 years old, so she's allowed to be a li'l stubborn and grumpy.


Sarah C. said...

I almost missed Cassandra except for those bright yellow eyes. :)

Hope the work day goes by quickly so you can enjoy the time w/ family!

Laura S. said...

Love the hat!