Sunday, April 20, 2008

uh, oh...

Saturday was fun. my brother in law and his gf came over and we all had a 'burger-fest'. The kids had started the movie "The Kite Runner" and man, is that a powerful movie, you will be so 'pissed off' at the beginning, but by the end...goodness.

It is a movie that will show you just how 'ugly' human beings can be to each other and yet how that ugliness can bring out what is 'grand' about us human beings.
(does that make sense)? and I've always believed, that "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" ...the kids and I got into a small political discussion in the car...and we have come to the conclusion that the problem with 'politics' are professional politicians. They are insulated from the everyday world of the general population, so how on earth are they going to know what is needed? They become millionaires and live 'rock star' lifestyles (often on the taxpayer's dime), and in the quest to keep their lofty positions, they offer more and more government programs...but who pays for them all...the working middle class.

Guess that's why the founding fathers tried to put 'reins' on the federal government and give more to the states.

And name one 'government' program that isn't abused and taken advantage of. You used to be able to say the post office, but ummm, we are having so many problems with the post office at work...mis delivery, no delivery of mail,..I tell the girls in the office, that its a conspiracy, they (and I don't know who they are) want us to do everything by computer!! What it probably really is, is that the main hubs (at least for ours) are in the cities not especially known for a highly educated work force,known for high drop out rates, crime and gangs... such as Oakland and Stockton.

What started it was my godson gave us the book, The Fair Tax, about eliminating the federal income tax in favor of a federal sales tax. Interesting premise. I kind of like the flat matter what your income level its the same percentage.

okay, rant over. back to the fun of a Sunday afternoon:

2 more weeks for the marriage class, its been good, but I am soooooo looking forward to having my Sunday afternoons back. Then comes dd's wedding, so many little details to pull together. Time for lists!!

I've been buying books, they are stacking up. (Need reading time, need reading time)
yes, Michele, a couple of travel books.. I'm starting to think 'cruise'.

well, back to the marriage homework...this week is about 'family commitment and admiration'.. it is difficult for me to verbalize admiration to my dh, but boy, can I brag about him behind his back.

Ya'll have a good, "pajama" Sunday!! Now, doesn't that sound GREAT!!

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Lida said...

Have a great sunday too Karen and two weeks are going to fly by and you´ll have your afternoons back!