Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my best ideas...

from 2 peas...10 of my best ideas...
uh oh, I can't even think of 1 much less 10.

I could probably do a list of 10 things I lucked into.
But the last 'idea' I had, was how to make the alteration to dd's wedding dress.
She had the store put in a built in bra, but the seamstress added a wire, and it created a curved fold under the breasts...which dd did not like. So she asked my mom and me to take the wire out. Okay, with the wired bras, you can make a li'l cut and pull, right? uh uh...so our first attempt met with failure.

and when I 'slept' on it, decided to just turn the dress inside out, from bottom to top, luckily the bodice was not connected to the skirt in the underside. We did that and discovered the wire was sewn onto the underlayer and not in the bra!!
So I was able to slowly, stitch by stitch pull that thing off.

Now, if you ever want to see sewing craftsmanship, turn a wedding dress inside out.
wow, what beautiful straight stitches. My mom was a li'l disappointed that the raw fabric edges were not finished or even zig-zagged.

The pic above is my alcohol ink matting mentioned yesterday for the table pic, the pic inside is my dd's preschool picture. my li'l angel.

Yesterday was a bad electronics day around here, could not get on the internet on one computer, and the tv in my mom's room was on the fritz. But working so far this morning. I guess there was an electro-magnetic field... I don't know, but it sure was frustrating last night.

I tried the best and easiest crockpot recipe yesterday, I got it from SparkPeople,
the Salsa Chicken...oh my!!...if you like to crockpot..look it up!!

Mom and I are working on making a wedding box for dd. Those things range from 29.99 to 79.99 on ebay!! If it turns out cute, I'll post, If not...never mind.

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Lida said...

The frame looks awesome and your now not so little girl is so pretty!! I want to see the wedding box!!