Monday, April 21, 2008

So, its Monday. blah, back to work, and Kristen will be here in a little more than an
hour..wish I could be excited about it. DD and Chris left yesterday morning, I sure do miss them. She tried on her dress for me and mom yesterday morning, OOOOHHH, she is simply gorgeous...breathtaking...and oh, so, grown up..

As they were driving away, my ever-so-wise and outspoken mom told Chris (who she calls Mr. November)(another story) "Hey, Mr. November, you better be nice to her! You can't just pick up another girl like her!!" her way of reminding him that he has a rare jewel, and he is one lucky S.O.B... though when she spied his tatoo on his thigh, she did start calling him "Mr. October"...cuz he 'went down one'.
My mom is a 76 year old Japanese woman, very old school, and she thinks anyone with a tatoo is "Okozuna"

BUT, I just stepped on the scale, down 3 more pounds! but does it make sense, with company...we ate...well, tri-tip and baked potato (I had half)Friday night and packed hamburgers the next night, and I skipped the treadmill over the weekend...and I lost?
When I stepped on the scale, I really expected to "pay"...

Though I had some 'down time' I did not scrap much, just replaced some pics in dd's wedding party album. Also, I volunteered to make some table signs for the mother's day tables at church. Thought I'd use altered binder clips to hold them...need signs for "Oldest" mom, "Newest" mom, mom w/"Most Kids"...any ideas?

Instead of scrappin' yesterday, I watched some of the shows I had dvr'd,
a couple of episodes of "Reaper", one NCIS and the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett. (I'm going to need a DVD of this one)

Ya'll have a great Monday, but then, is there really any such thing as a great Monday?...I know, its all in the attitude...lemonade from lemons...ya ya.


Lida said...

Your mom reminds me of my grandma she was adorable but say the darnest things lol, hey you got lemons and make some lemonade I bring salt and tequila and we got ourselves a little partay! JK

Theresa said...

LOL over the Mr October comment