Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, actually got a layout done. Isn't this a marvelous pic from Portugal?
I used one of my I am a Scrapaholic kits. (gorgeous paper and ribbons) I used the rooster because a friend of mine, Michele, told me to. (she said the rooster is an important symbol in Portugal.

Mom and I have been working on that box..actually its altering one of those 'purses'..we are using a combination of paper, ribbon, fabric, and an old headband from dd's stash! We are making progress, it isn't perfect...but I think it will be okay.

(I'm not much of an alter-er)

Okay, off to face the day...
take care and have a great 'hump day'


Linda said...

Pretty layout!

Lida said...

Awesome layout, didn´t know that roosters were important in that area, cool!